Cari Entri Dulu

16 Julai 2009


What a lovely morning. Why do I say so? Because my beloved one sent me a message;i mean a sms;such a long long message plus it is really sweet! I mean it!

Ok..ok,that is not the main point here. I'm not going to tell about that. No! I want to share something with you all. I'm sory if my English will make your eyes blind,I'm not good at writing in the formal form. I hate formal! Ops,sorry..ok..ok,lets forget about that. Lets continue with my life story.....

When I get start??

I'm started to trained myself to become a blogger since May 2009. Najat ask me to do that! Anyway,thanx to Najat..At least i dont have to create a new blog like my other classmate do. [so cruel are you masturah..] When you start blogging,you are actually start to tell others about yourself or your organisation or tell others about your own products,shop and many more. It's more about sharing some stuff with others. Sharing is caring right.. Ya,I love to share MY STORY with others,NOT MY STUFF. I repeat NOT MY STUFF. I'm not being such a mean girl,but..I just dont like to share my things with others,except food la..

If YOU do think that blogging is such a super duper bored and wasting your precious time maybe,actually YOU are that kind of person; i mean you are such a bored homosapiens! hahahahah. Just kidding,no offense..

Being a blogger is one of the way to introduce yourself in a modern way..uwwww. You dont have to speak,or having eye contact with others,just simply write it. Write about anything my dear. Its fun! But..but..dont get yourself automatically in ISA. That is too much already..Behave my dear..

Am I being too much right now?? Madam didnt like to see a slide with full of alphabets. Oh,this is not a slide. Ok,I dont want to make your eyes blind,seriously..daaaaaaaa

11 Julai 2009

jiwa kosong

Pagi tadi,aku sujud kepada NYA ketika langit sudah membiru,tidak gelap seperti selalu. Rasa berdosa,rasa bersalah. Enaknya malam tadi! Maksud aku,tidur. Mungkin sudah lama jasad ku tidak merasai nikmat tidur yang enak,yang lena. Selesai solat,mata ku tidak sepet seperti selalu,nafsu ku untuk kembali ke kamar tidak seperti selalu. Mengapa? Kerana aku keseorangan,kesepian tatkala rakan-rakan ku berseronok di rumah bersama yang tersayang,bergembira di kota bersama sahabat tercinta,tetapi aku? Tetap seorang. Meniti hari bersama laptop kak zu. Thanx kak zu for lending me this stuff,its realy helpful!

Aku rasa tenang.

Kadang-kadang kita perlu masa untuk bersendiri,tak salah bermonolog sendirian,ianya salah satu cara untuk muhasabah diri. Ya,aku sering bermonolog dengan hati ku,akal ku. Tetapi teman,jangan terlalu bermonolog,kelak padah bakal diundang tiba. Mengapa? Kerana kau sedang bermonolog dengan syaitan iblis,sebab itulah banyak manusia kelihatan seperti tak menghargai nikmat yang tuhan beri;NYAWA. Jangan terlalu ikutkan hati,jangan terlalu ikutkan rasa,kelak nanti mati,kelak nanti binasa. Ikut akal,kerana itulah membuat manusia menjadi sebaik-baik manusia bukan binatang ternakan atau haiwan peliharaan.

Sekali lagi aku tidur dengan nikmatnya! Thanx to yaya cause calling me or otherwise i might missed my Asar.

Aku masih sendiri. Mungkin esok tak seperti hari ini,jadi aku harus nikmati sepuasnya! Aku tidak bermaksud aku suka bersendirian,tetapi kadang-kadang kita memerlukannya.

Baiklah,aku harus pergi,pergi menghadap Illahi,tanda aku mensyukuri,nikmat yang diberi.

09 Julai 2009


Last night was so cold

Not that cold


Both of us sleep in tears.

Not the true tears,

but TEARS.

He want me


How do i suppose to believe him?

Oh god....

Let time decide it..

True love??

Oh,maybe not now..

i'm still a 'little girl'


TNB,i'll come!!!!!!!

(tbe2 plak...)

08 Julai 2009


Right now,i'm listening to Yuna songs 'backpacking around europe'. Quite relaxing.. why i'm writing in English? Such weird right? I feel that way too.. Actually,it is a part of my Technical English assignment. Funny right? Madam Normala Samsudin ask us to write a blog about anything;opinion,comments,anything! By the way,i'm currently studying at UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG located at Gambang. Gambang campus is the only temporary campus. InsyAllah,all the community of UMP will move to the new campus in 2016 located at Pekan,Kuala Pahang;1 hour journey from Gambang campus. We will start our lesson there in next week,InsyAllah.( I mean the electrical and mechanical students only. Feel sorry for others because they cant feel the new atmosphere..hoho.)


My first thought was, "this place gonna be wonderfull when it completely done," Seriously..that campus is really huge,I tell you,you wont moving anywhere without your transport;car,motorcycle,bicycle or anything. Futhermore,that campus quite near with the sea,then the place automatically 'hot'. REALLY... WHAT MAKES ME SCARED DURING MY VISIT?? The workers!!! Ya,the workers.. When we make our move there,they were staring at us;especially girls,like wanted to 'eat us'.. me,i'm scared..huhu..(pull stop)


I'm gonna make you proud mama and papa! Love you!!